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NIGHT PROBE Gen2+ clip-on NV attachment with a mounting system
Day-Night Systems
> NIGHT PROBE Gen2+ clip-on NV attachment with a mounting system

Compact and lightweight

Automatic brightness control
Precise internal lens focusing mechanism
2 integrated weaver rails

Clip-on mounting system for quick and easy installation

The mounting system includes 4 fitting rings of a different diameter
Mountable in front of day optics with 24mm-62mm objective lens diameter
Optimal with 2.0x-5.0x magnification daytime optics
Water-resistant, corrosion and dust-resistant
Made of aircraft aluminum
60 hours run time from one CR-123 battery


Night Probe is a clip-on night vision attachment that converts day optics into a night vision devices. It mounts directly in-front of the day optics using a clip-on mounting system included with the attachment. This is making Night Probe a perfect accessory for night time.

Bering Optics Night Probe may be used with spotting scopes, video camcorders, photo cameras and binoculars to enhance the night time viewing experience. Night Probe is optimal with 2.0x to 5.0x magnification daytime optics. Night Probe is compact and lightweight.

The Night Probe kit comes with a flip-up protective cap, a clip-on adaptor, featuring quick release levers and a set of fitting rings, all packed in soft protective case. There are three kit options with a clip-on adaptor and a kit with a side mount. BE26040 includes a clip-on adaptor to fit with 42mm-60mm objective lenses BE26041 includes a clip-on adaptor to fit with 24mm-40mm objective lenses BE26042 includes a clip-on adaptor to fit with 30mm-56mm objective lenses BE26043 a kit with a side mount to mount onto the tripod in-line with daytime scopes



Magnification, x


Objective lens diameter, mm


Image intensifier tube classification

Gen 2+

Field of view, degree


Focus range, yard/m

11/10 to infinity

Exit pupil, mm


Optimal daytime scope magnification

2.0x - 4.0x

Detection range, yard/m

up to 275 / 250

Overall dimensions, in/ mm

7.64”x2.44”x3.2” / 194x62x80

Weight, oz/g

16.9 / 480

Power supply

3V (one CR123)

Estimated battery life, hour

up to 60

Operating temperature, °F/°С

-22 to +122 / -30 to +50

Water intrusion

Meets IPX4 rating

Humidity, %

up to 98%

In Box


  • Night Probe Gen 2+ NV Attachment
  • Clip-on mounting system with a set of 4 fitting rings with internal diameters: d49.6mm, d60mm, d62mm, d65.9mm; (1.95”, 2.36”, 2.44”, 2.59”).
  • Front lens flip-up protective cap
  • Allen (hexagon) key
  • Protective carrying case
  • Two mounting rails

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (sold separately)
BE80401 Clip on adaptor with 4 fitting rings for 24-40mm objective lenses
BE80402 Clip on adaptor with 3 fitting rings for 30-56mm objective lenses
BE80410 side mount to mount onto the tripod or bipod in-line with daytime optics
BE43039 3.0x Magnifier monocular

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